Protect your laboratory balance now with one of our clear, custom designed in use covers

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All Covers are $3/off each when you buy 5 or more of any combination of covers!


About Us

Scale Armor’s lab balance in-use covers protect from damage due to spillages, soil, dust, and other environmental contaminants. In addition, they are made of semi-rigid, clear PVC or PETG.

More importantly, our  in-use protective covers have been carefully designed to allow for ease of operation of the balance. They are soft enough to permit normal operation even as they protect the instrument.

Protect your investment

Scale Armor supplies a wide range of in-use protective covers for  A & D, DENVER, METTLER, OHAUS, PRECISA and SARTORIUS balances. Our product line is continually expanding as manufacturers introduce new models.

We are committed to providing high quality lab balance covers and have protective covers for older balances as well.

Moreover, Scale Armor has in-use laboratory balance covers for the following manufacturers: